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Space Management for Facilities

IBM Maximo Space Management for Facilities provides floorplans representing space and physical assets.

IBM Maximo Space Management for Facilities provides visualisation capabilities of floorplans and physical assets to perform moves/adds/changes, supporting consolidation activities for better management of space and energy within a facility.

  • Increase space utilisation: By understanding space utilisation, organisations can make better use of existing space, more strategic rental and lease decisions and ultimately lower the occupancy cost per square foot. Support consolidation activities.
  • Track occupancy and employee data: Understand available and used space within a building visually by department, function or individual. Use for regulatory reporting and chargeback execution.
  • Create, schedule and execute moves in graphical user interface: Streamlines the process of relocating people and assets; reduces the time and cost of executing individual or group moves. Supports additional headcount allocation and onboarding activities.
  • Dynamically track mechanical, electrical, plumbing, gas lines and electrical data: Quick access to information about the building infrastructure, such as locating shut-off valves; locating service zones on an electronic floor plan, and tracing telephone or LAN cabling.
  • Manage key and lock data associated with an electronic floor plan: Simplifies the process of managing key, lock and door information and improves facility safety and security.
  • Business continuity: Electronic documentation of asset, location and occupancy data allows for disaster recovery and improved uptime and availability of business services.
  • AutoCAD and Microstation compatible: Easy import and export of CAD designs created in either AutoCAD or Bentley Systems MicroStation design solutions.

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