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Proven Delivery Methodology

As part of Euro Consulting EMEA our Maximo consultants utilise proven methods and tools to support their expertise.

Our Best of Practice EAM Delivery Methodology “MaxdeplyTM”employs the collective knowledge of our entire organisation, drawing from more than ten years of experience with Maximo and IBM project engagements. The “Maxdploy” Methodology has multiple phases our consultants use to implement Maximo across multiple asset classes and industries with no or little customisation. It contains a consistent set of processes, procedures and tools that address client needs for Maximo solution services. The “Maxdeploy” Methodology ensures the highest quality non Customised solution, the best support for your organisation and a delivery with minimum Project Problems The methodology continues to evolve as we learn from each project.

Why use our Professional Services?

Euro Consulting Professional Services experts are uniquely Certified in Maximo to assist you with Maximo Deployment. They Having actual hands on experience and Industry specific knowledge, and proven skills within EAM organisations we have the know how to develop every solution under the most tightest timeframes.

Our Maximo consultants, Maximo industry experience and our “MaxidployTM” methodology are all supported by our Asset Management Maximo Center of Excellence and our Advanced Oracle Service Center (AOSC), assures consistent solution delivery anywhere in the world. As part of the Euro Group of companies Euro Consulting EMEA we will work with you to implement the most transformative asset management solution possible – one that will make your organisation more efficient.