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Maximo Accelerate

Maximo Professional Services also offers Accelerators for targeted Maximo industry solutions. These Accelerators, available only through Maximo Professional Services for specific Industry Solutions Such as Maximo for Transportation, Maximo for Oil and Gas, augment frequently-requested Maximo capabilities and expedite Maximo delivery, helping your business retrieve ROI more quickly and less expensively.

Maximo for Oil & Gas helps manage production equipment, facilities,transportation and IT assets on one single platform.

Euro Consulting EMEA Accelerators employ best in practice industry standards fields and require little-to-no configuration or tailoring, and no customisation. They are a growing family of tools that deliver value faster, at less cost. Euro Consulting EMEA have the Maximo Experience to deploy a non Customised solution across your business ensuring less business risks for the future of your Maximo Business Solution.