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Maximo Our Approach

Euro Consulting EMEA employs an established methodology to enable us to most effectively deliver our projects and meet the complete range of needs of our clients.

This methodology is based on real-world, practical experience of implementing solutions combined with knowledge gained from continuous R&D and spans all aspects of the project lifecycle. It is broken up into four logical phases which form the basis for all of the core services that Euro Consulting EMEA provides.

Consulting activities focusing on –

Phase 1 - Strategic assessments helping our clients map out their requirements and strategic objectives around the use of enterprise technologies.

Phase 2 - Vendor Selection helping our clients find the right vendor and associated technologies to match their requirements and strategic objectives.

Phase 3 - Implementation services around the design, build and roll-out of solutions (including search and business process management technologies).

Phase 4 - Post Implementation Support services around the steady-state, operational aspects of running and maintaining the Enterprise solution