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Social Experience

Oracle Social Experience

The social Web has given consumers more influence over brands than ever. For organizations this shift brings new challenges and opportunities to win loyalty. Oracle RightNow Social Experience enables brands to harness consumer influence and passion in service of the brand. From social media monitoring to branded online communities to a full-service Facebook experience, it is designed to extend experience to the places where consumers are learning, sharing, and buying across the social Web.

Key Benefits
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of where or how customers interact with you
  • Create customer loyalty, and generate enthusiasm for your brand
  • Harness word of mouth to derive more value from your marketing spending
  • Quickly and proactively address customer concerns
  • Enable customer collaboration to drive support and innovation
  • Leverage user-generated content to build your knowledge foundation
  • Make it easy for customers to find the answers they need—across channels
  • Capture unstructured social insights along with formal feedback through Oracle RightNow Feedback Cloud Service
  • Earn a reputation for being open, collaborative, and responsive