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ETRM Products

Energy Trading and Risk Management - Murex
The MX.3 commodities module is designed to comprehensively manage price and delivery risks in your energy trading operations. In addition to interactive portfolio analysis, MX.3 provides global risk and limits management and full processing of transactions.

Energy Trading & Risk Management

Energy Trading and Risk Management - Entegrate ZaiNet
Provides full front, middle and back office functionality across a broad range of energy commodities (power, natural gas, crude, refined products etc.) and wide range of physical and financial instruments. Entegrate Zainet is used by trading and risk management operations in utilities, IPPs, power/ Gas/ Crude marketers, refiners, corporates, wholesalers/ retailers and financial institutions.

Energy Trading and Risk Management - Findur
Fully integrated front through to back office solution for trading, risk management and operations needs in various financial markets. Findur is a comprehensive solution serving markets in interest rate derivatives, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, money markets and other commodities.

Energy Trading and Risk Management - Endur
Fully integrated solution that allows the front, middle and back offices to manage trades and related risk. It offers logistic and operations functions in key energy markets, such as natural gas, metals, weather, emissions, coal, crude, electricity.

Energy Trading and Risk Management - Openlink
Originally from the US, this tool has grown dramatically over the past few years and its value to its clients, these include some of the worlds largest energy companies and financial institutions.